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Roadies Revolution Semi Finale Winner 9th January Episode: Jayant and Michael are the Semi Finalist


Roadies Revolution will be at the door of the finale and everyone is eager to see the winner of Roadies Revolution 2021. The semi-finalist Michael, Vipin, Akash Verma, Milind Chandwani and Abhimanyu are all set to fight in today’s task to make their spot in the finale a get the Roadies Revolution Trophy. Today we will get out Top 3 finalist who will perform at the last season episode of Roadies Revolution.

Roadies Revolution Semi Finale


Roadies Revolution Semi Finale Opponent

  • Michael – Aman
  • Jayant – Abhimanyu
  • Akash – Vipin
  • Poonam – Arushi

There will be a five-round in the semi finale task where the contestant has to complete three stages. In the first stage, they have to pull a ring and force him to drag opponent on their side which will be held by both the contestant who will compete against each other. In the second round, the contestant has to solve the puzzle with the new Oppo Reno 3 phone. In the third stage, a contestant has to submit a star to Ranvijay Singha which they can ask from gang leader or find out on trash. Michael has a big opportunity to win the task because Nikhil has a maximum number of stars in comparison to other gang leaders. The task starts and as usual, all the semi-finalist is on fire. All the contestant give a tuff fight to each other to make their spot in the finale.

Roadies Revolution Top 3 Finalist

After the hustle and tuff fight Jayant Yadav, Michael Ajay will be able to win the semi finale task and with these they able to make their spot in Roadies Revolution finale. Unfortunately Akash, Vipin, Poonam will not able to win the task. Also, we will see that Vipin sacrifice his star for Jayant Yadav to make him the finalist of the show. In the first time ever Nikhil Chinapa two contestant is able to make their spot in the finale. This is the first season of Varun Sood as well and he also is able to get into the finale with Jayanth Yadav.

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In the next episode, the episode will become which will be waiting for every Roadies Revolution fans. Next week, we will see the Roadies Revolution finale episode. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the next Roadies Revolution winner. Comment down below what’s your reviews on the episode. Till then, keep updated with us for more details.



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