Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 24th November 2020: Sagar locked Gehna Inside the Room


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is gaining a popularity day by day and receive love from the audiences. As you know, Saath Nibhana Saathiya scene viral on Instagram. In that scene, ‘Kokila Modi’ Who is Gopi’s Bahu mother in law asked him a question related to the folk who was inside the kitchen means ‘Rasode Me Kon Tha’. Makers announce the season 2 with the same cast but introduce some of the new faces on the show. In this post we talk about, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update 24th November 2020.

The serial, Saath Nibhana Saathiya season 2 latest episode of 24th November 2020 starts with Kanak who shows that Gehna doesn’t stand on the temple because her place is behind. Gehna follows the same. Then, Ananth notices Gehna and tell her why she stood behind. After that, Gehna took a glass for drinking water then suddenly her legs was a slip. Sagar who stand next to him take up the chance and grabs her to fall down on the floor. Gehna does not like the way of Sagar.


Sagar finds a chance and forcefully drags her into the Ananth’s room and lock the door of the room from inside. Gehna screams loudly and asking for help to take out from the room but unfortunately, no one listen to her. On the other hand, Ananth finds Gehna for a worship everywhere and asks Alka if Gehna will not put the adorable clothes on Durga Maa. Baa and other people look for Gehna but they didn’t find her and another side Hiral and everyone else starts decorating Durga Maa.

Get request from Sagar to let her go while screaming but Sagar pushes her badly to the bed and trying to undress her lustfully. On the other side, Kanak decorates the Durga maa with beautiful saree and accessories whereas Sagar removes the accessories and saree of Gehna forcefully with this Gehna cry badly and begging for help.

On the other hand, Pandit ji starts narrating the story in which he says that for every Mahishasura there is a Krishna ji who protects his true followers. Gehna thinks about Anant and then Kanha ji and prays if any of them can come to help her at this time. Despite her consecutive screams and trials to rescue herself from Sagar’s evil hands, Jewel fails to escape the monster as Sagar. However, Gehna has not to lose her hope and a flower has fallen while extending her hands.


However after a long period of time Ananth passing by the room for searching Gehna. Ananth hears the sound of some activity in his room. And then, he pushes and broke the door and see that Sagar molesting Gehna badly. To seeing this, Ananth scold him and tell Sagar a cheap person and said you have to disgraceful for this.

Anant put a sari on Gehna and attracted Sagar to everyone with his hair. Hema gets shocked and asks Anant what wrong he has done. Gahanna will eventually tell Sagar about molesting her several times in the Saith Nibhana Sathiya 2 serial.

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