Splitsvilla 13 10 July Episode 19 Full Updates Watch Online: Nikita and Aditi get a Huge Fight


Splitsvilla back with yet another episode on MTV to entertain the audience. The highly popular Indian reality show is back with a brand new episode. In the last episode of Splitsvilla 13 18th episode, Katvin team comes out as a victorious team after defeating the Jayditi team. Also, Nikita and Trevon become a compatible couple and get safe from the dumping zone. After watched the interesting episode, the audience is eager to watch the brand new episode. In this article, we will cover all the details about MTV Splitsvilla 13 10 July 2021 Episode 19. So, let’s begin.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 10 July 2021 Episode 19

In the new Splitsvilla episode, the audience will watch some of the interesting tasks, couple dates,s and little fights between the contestant’s girl. The show starts with the heated argument between Nikita and Aditi which will turn into a huge fight.


After this, all the three couples get a chance to go on a date. Kevin and Kat, Garry and Avantika, Samarthya and Nikita get a chance to go on a date to a beautiful place. All the three couples spent some quality time with each other.


Then, all the contestants get ready for the next task location. Rannvijay and Sunny Leone describe the task to the contestant. Splitsvilla 13 next task name is Love Letter. Four couple has performed the task to get safe from the elimination.

  • Nikita and Samarthya will perform against Avantika and Gary.
  • Sapna and Dhruv will perform against Arushi and Trevon.

This task is important for the contestant to win because it helps them to survive in the Dumping Zone. After giving a tuff fight to each other. Nikita and Trevon will emerge as a winning pair as Dhruv and Sapna fail to do the job well. However, as per the sources, the couple Garry and Avantika might get eliminated from the show.

Here is all about the new episode. For more Splitsvilla 13 updates stay tuned with Trendy Kendy.



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