Splitsvilla 13 15 May 2021 Episode Full Update: Aditi & Jay Become the Second Ideal Match


Splitsvilla 13 is back again with another episode. As we all know, Splitsvilla 13 gets its first ideal match which is Kat and Kevin. Competition has now increased among the contestants. In the previous episode, we saw how Aditi and Jai and Nikhil, and Avantika won the task and achieved a superpower. Whereas on the other hand, Vyomesh and Arushi and Nikita and Samarth lost the task and now they have to bear the consequences in the next domain session. Here is the complete information about Splitsvilla 13 15 May 2021 episode written update.

Splitsvilla 13 15 May 2021 Episode

In today’s episode all contestants are ready for the next domain season where all contestants except Aditi and Jay are in danger. The dome session begins with a fight between Shivam and Kevin. Rannvijay announces the consequences who lost the task. The result is Vyomesh and Arushi moving from Gold Villa to Silver Villa. Then, Aditi and Jay have a chance to save the four contestants from being eliminated. They save Shivam, Palak Yadav, Bhumika and Riya. After Nikhil and Avantika also get a chance to save the two contestants, but this will happen when the selected contestants Aditi and Jai do not become ideal matches.

Unfortunately, this is not happening and Aditi and Jay became the second ideal match after Kat and Kevin. Now, Rannvijay gives Kat and Kevin the power to eliminate any two contestants who are unsafe today. In the end, Jahnavi and Devashish will be eliminated from the show.


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The episode ends here. It will be interesting to watch what happens in the next episode. For more latest updates and news about reality TV keep updated with Trendy Kendy. Also do not forget to watch Splitsvilla 13 15th May 2021 episode on MTV at 7:00 PM. Also, you can watch on Voot’s official app.



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