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Splitsvilla 13 3rd April Episode Full Update: Vyomesh Koul Choose Bhumika Over Arushi


As we all know Splitsvilla 13 is streaming on the MTV channel. The show getting a huge response from the viewers after releasing a few episodes. Season 13 is just started and viewers have seen a lot of drama and suspense where all the contestant doing well. In the last Splitsvilla 13 3rd April 2021 episode, we have watched how Vyomesh and Azma won the hug task and get the power to save themselves from the dumping one. In the latest episode, we will watch the interesting task and some nozzle between Splitsvillian.

Splitsvilla 13 3rd April 2021 Full Episode Written Update

Then all the selected contestants will go on a date and make their day entertaining and cool. However, the audience will have some fuss between Vyomesh and Aarushi, as Vyomesh chooses Bhumika to go ahead on Aarushi’s journey. Then, All the contestant go to a task place where show presenter Ranvijay Singha and Sunny Leone are waiting.


After this, Ranvijay announces the task to the contestant. The participants who are performing on the task is:

  • Kevin, Pallak and Kat
  • Dhruv, Janvi and Riya
  • Vyomesh, Bhumika and Avantika
  • Jay Dudhane, Aditi Rajput and Azma

After giving a fabulous performance Kevin, Pallak and Kat is the winner of the task and Dhruv, Janvi and Riya get second place. Now in the next episode, we will watch the dumping zone scenario where one of the contestants will be out from the show. Till then stay tuned with us for more latest update and news.

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