Splitsvilla 13 8th May Episode 10 Updates: Jay, Aditi and Nikhil, Avantika won the task


Splitsvilla 13 8th May Episode 10: We are back with yet another written episode update of Splitsvilla 13 that will telecast on 8th May 2021 on MTV channel at 7:00 PM. In the last episode, we have watched how Nikita and Aditi won the task and get the opportunity to save themselves on the dome.

Splitsvilla 13 8th May Episode Written Updates:

In today’s episode, viewers will watch all the Splitsvillian go for their next task location where last task winner Nikita and Aditi have to choose an opponent from Golden Villa except Kevin and Kat because they are idol match. Where Aditi and Jay challenged Vyomehs and Arushi while on the other side Nikita challenged Avantika and Nikhil.


After this, Ranvijay brief the task and the rules. Basically, the task divided into two parts. In this first part, all the 4 bys have to take a love byte from Splitsvilla girls. Each girl only has 2 lovebites. Girls can do any task to give love bite to boys. The time period of the first round is 1 hour.


The first round score of each contestant is:

1. Nikhil and Avantika : 13 Love Bytes

2. Jay and Aditi: 10 love bytes

3. Vyomesh and Arushi: 12 love bytes

4. Nikita and Samrthaya: 14 love bytes

In the second round, the girls have to blow a balloon at their partner but have a twist. Boys stand upside down and girls are in a swing. With the help of one contestant, they have to throw a balloon on their partner and if they burst on them they will get one point.

All four couples performed well. And in the last Ranvijay announce the result. From Vomesh and Arushi V/s Jay and Aditi, Jay and Aditi won the task, and from Nikhil and Avantika V/s Nikita and Sarthaya , Nikhil and Avantika won the match.

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