Super Singer Season 8 Elimination Today Episode Contestant Name


Super Singer is one of the prominent reality shows of South India telecasting on the Star Vijay TV channel. It is one of the biggest entertaining platforms where all the talented singers competing with each other at one stage. Recently Super Singer Season 8 is being aired on Star Vijay TV. The show has started with 20 talented contestants, now only 13 contestants are left. People are always eager to know the details about the Super Singer Season 8 contestant elimination name, performances, guests,s and several other details.

The show starts on 24th January 2021 with 9 hours biggest Grand premier along with the amazing performances of all the selected contestants and judges. This time Anuradha Sriram, Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal, and Kalpana Raghavendra are judging the show where MaKaPa Anand and Priyanka Deshpande are hosting the show with their unique style.


All the contestants have been divided into two separate teams including Team Saroja (Benny Dayal-Kalpana) and Team Vala Vala Vanaja (Anuradha-Unni). Every weekend one of the contestants is eliminated from the show among all the danger zone contestants. The contestant who got the lowest score gets eliminated. Also every week, judges announce the best performer of the week and give them rewards.

Super Singer Season 8 Elimination

Sr No. Contestant Name Team Status
1 Vrusha Balu Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(25th Apr 2021)
2 Vanathi Suresh Benny-Kalpana Competing
3 Abhilash V. Anuradh-Unni Competing
4 Anu Anand Benny-Kalpana Competing
5 Kabhini Mithra Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(20th Mar 2021)
6 Sushmita Narasimhan Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(27th Feb 2021)
7 Reshma Shyam Benny-Kalpana Eliminated
(27th Mar 2021)
8 Kanimozhi Kabilane Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(13th March 2021)
9 Sridhar Sena Anuradh-Unni Competing
10 Kumuthini Pandian Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(17th April 2021)
11 KJ Iyenar Benny-Kalpana Competing
12 Maanasi Kannan Anuradh-Unni Competing
13 Balaji Sri Benny-Kalpana Eliminated
(16th May 2021)
14 Adithya Krishna Benny-Kalpana Competing
15 Aravind Karneeswaran Benny-Kalpana Competing
16 Bharat Rajesh Benny-Kalpana Competing
17 Jakkulin Mary Benny-Kalpana Eliminated
(6th March 2021)
18 Puratchi Mani Anuradh-Unni Eliminated
(3rd April 2021)
19 Gaana Sudhakar Benny-Kalpana Competing
20 Muthu Sirpi Anuradh-Unni Competing


Super Singer Season 8 Episodes

  • On (22nd & 23rd May 2021), Judges announced the top 10 contestant instead of top 9 contestant.
  • On (15th-16th May 2021), The makers announced the retro vs. modern challenge. Where all the contestants have to prepare their performance which revolves around retro vs modern.
  • On (8th & 9th May 2021), All the contestant performs on the special occasion of Mother Day in front of their mothers and judges.
  • On (8th & 9th May 2021), Muthusirpi was the best performer of the week.
  • On (1st & 2nd May 2021), Anu Anand was the Best Performer of the Week.
  • On (17th &18th April 2021), Adithya was the Best performer of the week.
  • On 25th April 2021, The host announced the eliminated contestant name due to the lowest vote and marks. Arusha was eliminated from the show.
  • On (17th & 18th April 2021), all the contestant performs amazing songs on the stage and two contestants were in a danger zone which is Vrusha and Vanathi.

People are love watching the show and like all the contestants. As per the reports, the show gets good TRP as compare to other South Indian reality shows. Now in the upcoming episode, we will watch a lot of twists and turn where some of the other contestants will be nominated from the show.


Keep updated with Trendy Kendy to know about the Super Singer Season 8 eliminated contestant name list. Also, do not forget to watch the Super Singer Season 8 on Star Vijay TV channel.



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