8 Best iPhone Apps Available Right Now

You have just purchased a brand-new iPhone, good! What do you intend to do with it…talk? The iPhone can do much more than voice-to-voice and FaceTime communications. If you look through the Apple App Store, you will be able to find apps that can transform your phone into a health tracker and encyclopedia and an instrument for language learning.

To assist you, we have compiled this comprehensive list of the greatest iPhone apps. You
will not be disappointed if you download any of these. To download these apps and make
them work seamlessly, make sure your internet is strong enough. CenturyLink is one of the
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affordable packages.

1. Libby

It is not always possible for everyone to make their way to the libaraies; however, if you
have an iPhone, you may utilize Libby, which allows users to borrow audiobooks and
eBooks from their local library for free. Furthermore, the app is a fantastic digital reading
app in and of itself, allowing you to read books without the need for a physical device like
the Kindle.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the top platforms for messaging one-on-one because its messages are
automatically deleted after viewing, and it’s fair to say that you’re probably familiar with Snapchat by its effects, which are among the best available. Snapchat uses face-scanning technology to apply funny, odd, and often amazing filters on top of your face, which allows it to move or stretch. A great one to keep even if you do not utilize it often.

3. Duolingo

Is it possible that your new language will be beneficial to people all over the world? This is
an unusual concept, but it occurs when using Duolingo, a free language-learning software.
Without a question, the Duolingo iPhone app is the most effective free language-learning
software available. The most recent update allows you to create offline lessons, allowing
you to learn even when you are not connected to the Internet.

4. MyFitnessPal

Best iPhone Apps

If you want to lose weight, tone up, or just live a more active and healthier lifestyle, the only thing that has consistently proven helpful is maintaining a food journal. It might be
challenging and time-consuming, but MyFitnessPal makes it simple. It includes a large
database of food items, and you can scan the barcodes of almost any packaged food item to include it in your daily calorie count. This can be done using the apps free, ad-supported version.

Nonetheless, a $9.99 per month premium subscription will remove adverts and provide
you with a lot of control over your custom macronutrient targets as well as a diet
evaluation. It is the most extensive and user-friendly diet-tracking tool we have come
across. The first and most effective step in becoming healthier is to keep track of the foods
and beverages you consume.

5. Halide Camera

The cameras on the latest iPhones are more powerful than before, and a large part of it is
due to the powerful AI-powered algorithms, which work to improve your photos. If you are
a bit more experience in photography, however, you might need an app such as Halide that
is made to help you push your cameras to the limits. It is also compatible with all the latest
features on Apple’s latest iPhones, such as those that support the iPhone 12 Pro’s proRAW format, perfect for improving photographs to the highest level. If you subscribe for an annual period, it is not completely cheap, but if you are keen on iPhone photographs, it’s definitely worth the price.

6. Bumble

Bumble is different from other dating apps in that it encourages women to make the first
move. You can match with someone using a Tinder-like interface, and the woman has 24
hours to message before the match ends. This is a distinct way of working, and the short
time constraint will help you make relationships quickly.

7. Netflix

Best iPhone Apps

Netflix, like many of the other applications mentioned here, has become a global trend.
Some consider original, exclusive shows like The Crown, House of Cards, and Stranger
Things to be superior to the rest of cable and broadcast programs. Take into account the
numerous standbys that are popular in both cinema and television, and you have got
yourself a valuable service. The majority of the content can now be downloaded and
viewed offline. It’s worth noting that this is one of the few paid apps available, with
memberships starting at $9.99.

8. Google Maps

Best iPhone Apps

Google Maps, another alternative from the leading online giant, may probably provide the
most up-to-date and precise information on any company’s location. It’s tough to beat the turn-by-turn directions for vehicles, walking, or public transportation. It connects to your Google account to obtain information about your work and home addresses to calculate travel time. The additions of offline maps, street views, indoor maps, and street views are all fantastic. After a slow start, Apple Maps for the iPhone now matches most of its qualities.


With the number of apps available, how can you even begin? Therefore such lists are
necessary every now and then. Regardless of whether you are new to iOS or just looking to
broaden your options, the aforementioned are perfect.


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