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5 Best Android Games Like PUBG Mobile in 2021


There are several games on Google Play Store that you should play at once. In recent time, the gaming industry starts booming and people shift their career as a gamer. If you are looking for a game that helps to entertain you and available free on Playstore then you visit the right place. There is a lot of players who found the alternative of PUBG mobile. Below we mentioned Top 5 Best Android games like PUBG Mobile in 2021 that are worthy of your time and attention. Find out the Best Android games below.

5 best Android games like PUBG Mobile in 2021

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1. Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the prominent survival shooter game which is available on mobile. The game is developed by 111 Dot Studios for the shooter genre players. There are several features including Classic, Ranked games, and Solo/Duo squad. The game is all about to land on play zone, search for weapons, loot your opponents and try to become last man standing on Zone.


2. Hopeless Land

Hopeless Land is an adventurous game which is developed by HK Hero Entertainment Co. Ltd. Hopeless Land allows you to land on island and battle against 121 enemies with the help of maps, weapons, vehicles and lot of other things. The last one who defeats rest 121 players will be announcing the winner.

3. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a cartoonish survival shooter gamer. Players jump to the play zone from the chopper and gathered loot and hunting into the island to kill their enemies. It offers great visuals and more than 30 puls weapons to survive inland. It offers multiplayer survivor madness.

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is developed by a reputed company called Gameloft. It offers multiplayer and solo features that are worth your time. Modern Combat 5 has high visual graphics and high controls that help to knock down your enemies on play zone. Customize and level any of the 9 classes in single play and team play modes.

5. World War Heroes: WW2

World War Heroes WW2 is developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It allows you to destroy your enemy around the world. There are more than 57 + weapons including pistol, rifles, machines, guns and lot more. Players can enjoy, 7 superior WWII battle zones, 6 games modes and 4 types of combat equipment.




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