Best Apps for free eBooks to read millions of book at anyplace


There are many benefits to reading a book on a daily basis. It changes your thinking power, enhances vocabulary, enhances the knowledge focus, intelligence. conversation skill and a lot more. But we do not have enough money to buy every single book which we like because the cost is pretty much high and additionally storing the books is also difficult.

So, In this article, we listed some of the best apps for free ebooks which you can read anywhere anytime without any haul difficulty.

  1. Kindle

Kindle is one of the best apps in playstore that allows to read free books, magazine and newspaper. Ther are more than 1.5 miilion e-books in Kindle. Also, Kindle have oi’s own dictionary to look out the vocabulary in one click.

Also, there are some premium books within a very reasonable price. Kindle allows to read the summary before buying or paid for any book. It’s easy to adjust the font, size, brightness and many more thing while reading.

Kindle has received more than 4 + rating on Play Sore with many positive reviews.


2. Juggernaut

Juggernaut is an online portal where peoples can enjoy book reading at their devices. It is available for all the devices. There are several categories from where you get the book for reading such as art and design, biography or autobiography, business, classics, crime, humour, kids and teens and lot of others.

You can easily readjust the brightness, zoom-in, zoom-out option during reading the books. Also, if you are a fancier of writing a poe, story or anything then you can contribute it in the section of writing.

3. Wattpad

Wattpad is also a free e-book app global community. More than 80 million users are a part of this portal. For reading, you can search the books or read according on the category wise.

Wattpad Studios discovers untrained, unsigned and talented writers on Wattpad and connects them to the world-wide multi-media entertainment industry and companies. This app is a big opportunity for all those inspiring writers who get fame and applause.

4. Comixology

Comixolgy is amazon based app that offers many comic related free e-books and paid e-books. You can join premium comic books if you are a member or a subscriber of Amazon prime. It offers many yearly discount on here.

If you are confused and in trouble to find out best comic book so, there are some category from which you get to know which comic book is top-rated and best seller category.

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5. Anybooks

Anybooks is free e-book app that provides all books in free. You can simply search the book which you want to read or explore. It is only available in phones. To improve your vocabulary use the Buit-in dictionary that allows to view definition with a simple hold on word.

There are many settings and adjustment from which you can highligh the important line and vocabulary for further reading and use.

6. Google Play Books

In comparison to other apps The Google Play Books app is not as effective. Through the Chrome extension is only available  for the iPhone and iPad, Android gadgets, and the Chrome browser on the web, this application hosts any book you seize from Google Play, with PDFs and different coders get from third parties.

You can change textual content and shadow features, view unique pages of an e-book, add a bookmark and even listen to the e-book aloud. From the Settings display, you’ll be able to activate Dark Mode, use an offline dictionary, and list the Volume key to turn out the pages while reading.

7. Apple Ebooks

This apps is only designed or manufactured for iPhone and iPad users. In the app you can easily control font size, theme and the brightness as well as bookmarks pages, annotate text and make notes.

While reading the book you can turn on the scrolling view to automatic scroll down to read the book easily instead of swiping left. Pressing a word offers you the option to copy it, view it, highlight or mark it, make a note of it, search it through the book, or share it with friends and someone else. The search feature takes you to a specific word or page number.


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