PUBG Mobile India Download: 1.2 Beta APK Download Android Version Link Released

PUBG Mobile India APK has been finally released. PUBG Mobile India 1.2 Beta APK download link is now out for Android users.


Now the wait is over for which tons of peoples waiting for. PUBG Mobile India APK has been finally ready to release in India. PUBG Mobile India 1.2 Beta APK download link is now available for people to download. This app can be used only in India. However, to download the game you will need a separate individual link code to play after downloading APK file. The total size of the game is around 625 MB in size and it is only available for Android users yet.

PUBG Mobile India is registered beneath the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid-p investment of total 5 lakhs. The South Korean company has decided to set up a headquarter of PUBG in Bengaluru as an Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation. The total investment is up to 100 million which is around 740 crores in India. The Indian entity will directly handle all the controls and the operation of the PUBG Mobile India game.


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PUBG Mobile India Apk Available: PUBG Mobile India’s

The Apk of PUBG Mobile India is now available for everyone. But yet PUBG Mobile India 1.2 Beta APK has been released only for the Android version.PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.2 Beta APK Link Download is live and can be used in India. Fro downloading the game you have to click on the link, then it opens a dialogue box for a personalized invitation code. The total size of the game is about 625 MB and is available only for Android mobile users.


There are a new Extreme Hunt mode and the latest beta version for the Livik and Erangel maps. Other updates include new features and some improvements to the powered exoskeleton, Respawns and more.

PUBG Mobile India Download: PUBG Mobile India Update

PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.2 Beta APK Link only can be used in India. Once you click on the link, it will ask for a personalized invitation code. The file is about 625 MB. To download PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.2 Beta APK: We will provide you soon link here.

After download and install PUBG Mobile global version 1.2 beta apk follow the steps.

Step 1: Download the APK file from the link which will be given in some time.

Step 2: Then download by choosing the APK option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Locate the download on a specific place and install the PUBG Mobile APK file.

Step 4: Now open PUBG Mobile and click on the option of the guest.

Step 5: Enter the invitation code.

Step 6: Now click on the yellow button to start playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile India Winning Cash Price, PUBG Mobile India Redeem

According to the latest reports, PUBG mobile India is providing almost 6 crore rupees. PUBG Mobile India will provide a prize pool of 6 crores with a minimum salary in between from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 lakh for Tier 1 teams as per initial reports. There will be cash prizes for special categories as well as maximum hiking distance, the maximum number of headshots and the like.

PUBG Mobile has already broken ties with Tencent, a Chinese Internet giant that publishes games in India. Microsoft has signed an agreement to transfer PUBG mobile data to Azure.

The PUBG Corporation will confirm regular audits and verification on storage systems holding personal data of users in Indian.

If we talk about the prior when PUBG ban in India, PUBG Mobile had enjoyed over 50 million monthly active users in all over this country, making it the largest market in PUBG in the world. This is the reason that PUBH makers launch again in India specific game. It was clear for PUBG Corporation to return to its largest market, which also signals the possible return of other Chinese apps in the country, including the very popular TikTok.

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