Facebook Messenger New Look and several brand new features

Facebook unveiled the logo and the brand new feature similar to Instagram.


The wold popular app Facebook is all set to unveil the latest look for Facebook Messenger. As we know that recently the company is started combining a Messager with Instagram that allows many new features to users and a lot vantage. This feature is limited for some people at the present but within a few months, it is available for all the users worldwide. Meanwhile, Users can separate their Instagram and Facebook Messenger if they want to do.

This combine is literally the best way to handle all the DM’s and messages from one platform without any mess and don’t need to install any other apps.


As well as, users can easily change chat themes as they want. Makers continuously launch a many new feature time to time to make users more connected and attracted towards the Instagram, Facebook app.

Now, the new messengers offer brand new features such as a selfie sticker, watch together, vanish mode, motion and other themes and etc. The makers already unveiled the new logo that looks like a solid blue colour with some pink shady gradient similar to the Instagram logo.

The vanish feature is best one feature since till now. The inbox message will automatically vanish from the app when you leave the dashboard.


The Vp of Messenger update this information with the help of Blog post he wrote, ‘The new glimpse of the logo shows the opportunity of future messaging. This new messaging a new way to join your loved ones in a more dynamic, entertaining, and deeply indulging way’.

Also, he adds on and said, the continued evolution of Facebook is given an opportunity folks to hang out in a better way with their friends and other people as well.

Also, these Social Media recently launches brand new features on Instagram which is a Watch together, that allows users to watch videos with their loved ones.

Every single time Mark Zuckerberg comes with a new feature. Now users will wait for the next announcement of other feature to make the game strong of the Social Media. According to the sources, this feature is might be rolling out for all the users within a few months.

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that, next year they will be announcing a smart glass. This smart glass helps make your virtual call look like a real call. So, If your a working from home, socialising, learning or many more then it has the power to decrease the virtual sense.

The messenger launch the trailer of the new update that allows us to have a look at the components of this redesign. For starters, Messenger is getting a new multi-color symbol. Additionally there is a new default chat shade and new chat themes similar to “love” and “tie-dye”. Messenger customers can insert customized responses to friends’ messages as part of this redesign, so that you are no longer limited to the default slate of the seven responses we used to see in Messenger.

The trailer also features glimpses of animated selfie stickers, an upcoming act for the app. Another upcoming function that we don’t get is a missing mode, which can delete the messages you shipped when you close the chat you posted.

So, it is a new day for Messenger. We are already seeing this redesigned Messenger on IOS, so you need a Messenger person, get a replacement and some adjustments have been made by FB.

Also, Now Facebook Messenger can send messages to only 5 persons or groups at a time, but FB does not indicate any additional limits. In fact, one major drawback in Fb is that Messenger as its most important platform alone can be vulnerable to misinformation, or even worse, harmful information, especially by multiplying these uncertain events. It attempts to take out such positions, though its eyes that first meet are nevertheless horrifyingly massive.

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