Samsung Virtual Assistant Sam Girl Rule 34, Who is Samsung Virtual Girl? Age, Name, Character, Reddit


Samsung Virtual Assistant Sam Girl Rule 34: The virtual assistant called Samantha has recently gone viral on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and others platforms. People find her looks interesting and attractive, for the most part, Sam is just a concept at this point, it’s definitely an artificial intelligence designed that has been done by a world-renowned company Light Farm which is globally known for its visual arts production and has also won the LIA Grand Prix award and is owned by Samsung. After finding a new version is a 3D dimensional character internet is flood with a lot of reactions and news.

Who is Samsung Virtual Assistant Sam Girl Rule 34?

Recently, Cannes production house and the winner of LIA Grand Prix shared several pictures of Sam that people find some cool similarities as “Alita” and “Seraphine“. The character’s name is Samantha and LIA Grand Prix makes a charming appearance. She has a bright blue eye that loves to tune in to her Samsung mobile phone, searching and installing apps, and of course, texting and chatting with her friends. If we tell you in summary then she is a 21st-century girl who has been interested in trying out all the fun and essential accessories of Samsung mobile phones.


The full name of AI is called Samantha Samsung and it comes with a unique art style similar to that of Pixar. One user shares their feeling on Twitter. Check below.

Users are excited about this new sensation going viral overnight. While Samantha’s popularity is nothing to be so surprised about as the personality had another character who walks with the help of Pixar designs and is known as Persona. However, as per the reports of Playgon, this is not official AI for Samsung it is just a deleted project of Samsung in which pictures were created by Lightfarm.

While another question is being highlighted and that is “Is Samantha a replacement for Samsung virtual assistant Bixby?” It will not officially be announced yet. Nevertheless, Bixby comes with a lot of great features and it is one of the famous AI in the market competing with Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and others.

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