7 Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil for Hair Growth in 2022


What are the benefits of Sesame Seed Oil for Hair Growth: Sesame seed oil is derived from sesame seeds and is used for cooking in various cuisines around the world it is also used as dressing in many dishes. Sesame seeds and their oil is known for their health benefits for the human body. It has a very distinctive nutty taste and aroma.

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Apart from being an edible oil, sesame seed oil also has some brilliant skincare and haircare properties. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it a really beneficial product for the ones battling acne and pimples. It is rich in many minerals and compounds like Vitamin E.

Similarly sesame seeds are really beneficial for hair, using the oil can make your hair stronger and give them more volume. Sesame seed oil has been part of skincare regime for many people around the world for quite some time now but in recent years the benefits of sesame seed oil for hair have come to the fore and many people around the world have included it in their haircare regime.


This article will cover some of the benefits of sesame seed oil for hair and how you can use it for your hair.

Few Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil for Hair

  1. Sesame seed oil can work wonders for your hair, massaging it on your scalp will promote hair growth and will also make your hair much stronger than before.
  2. Sesame seed oil contains many essential nutrients like Vitamins E, Vitamin B, Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein. All of these minerals enhances the hair from root to tip and makes them healthy and helps avoid hairfall.
  3. One unique property of sesame seed oil which makes it really beneficial for hair is its ability to prevent premature graying of hair, there are many other oils and products which help you do the same but the unique thing about massaging sesame seed oil for hair is that it also helps darken those hair prematurely grayed hair.
  4. Since it has many anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, sesame seed oil can help you avoid many bacterial and fungal infections and will also keep your hair and scalp fresh and free of any damage.
  5. It is light in weight and texture, gets easily absorbed by the hair and scalp and deeply nourishes the hair from the roots. This property of sesame seed oil is the reason why many experts advice those suffering from hairfall and hair damage to switch to it and use it to repair the damage.
  6. Sesame seed oil has cooling properties which can be a blessing for the hair especially in hot temperature, massaging with the oil can help soothe your scalp, hair and also help reduce stress induced hair loss which is a very common thing but massage can help ease your stress and in turn reduce the hair damage because of the stress.
  7. Sesame seed oil has natural properties that provides protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Using this oil will help protect your hair from the sun damage. Sun damage can lead to weakening of hair, hairloss and even change of hair color, sesame seed oil can help you avoid all that.

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