DG Khan Academy Scandal Videos Leaked Online: More than 20 Videos DG Khan Tuition Scandal

DG Khan Academy Scandal Videos Leaked: A prominent private tuition academy, DG Khan Tuition Academy, in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, has been caught up in a scandal of sexual assault cases. After being released, some of the video clips have gone viral on social media, and authorities have also discovered 20 more explicit movies in a scandal case involving a private academy in Dera Ghazi Khan. One of the suspects, in this case, has been detained by the police. The culprit in the DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal Video, who has been identified by police as Javed, has been apprehended, according to police sources, and he has been running this academy since 2012.

DG Khan Academy Scandal Full Videos Leaked

According to the reports, authorities claim to have identified the primary suspect in this scandal, and that those who were involved in this heinous crime will be captured by police soon. The investigation has already commenced, and detectives are looking for any and all leads in this case.

 The female students were encircled by the accomplices of the man arrested by the police, who took them to the school under false pretenses and subjected them to gang rape. Not only were female students sexually mistreated, but videos were also made of them, which were later used to blackmail them.

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After the video went viral on the Internet and was viewed by millions of people, one of the district police officers spoke to ARY News. However, the video was eventually taken from multiple websites, but there are still certain sites on the Internet that continue to share these videos. Additionally, people are looking for the video on Telegram and other sites. According to District Police Officer Omar Saeed Malik, a three-story building has been converted into an educational academy. The accused committed such horrible deeds on the ground floor. However, a women’s hostel was constructed.

“The arrested suspect exploited the secretly made recordings to blackmail the females,” the DPO stated, adding that forensic analysis of the videos was being conducted to establish their authenticity and reliability.

In the city of DG Khan, the educational institute is located in Block-7. According to local newspapers, residents in the area asked the police to take action against the culprits.

Police also believe that there are many more suspects in this case who are completely implicated but are still evading capture. However, they have stated that all of the perpetrators will be apprehended during the inquiry.


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