Elon Musk becomes World richest person to beat Amazon’s Jeff Bezos by just $3billion


Elon Musk becomes world richest person after the immense growth of Tesla shares. On January 6, the total net worth of SpaceX and Tesla founder’s was $184.5. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, ranking the world’s 500 wealthiest, Elon Musk now surpasses Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos by $ 3 billion in terms of net worth.

Elon Musk becomes World richest person

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which ranks the total wealth of the world’s richest people on a daily basis, largely values ​​a billionaire based on the value of wealth. Bezos has held the title of world’s richest person since October 2017 and is currently valued at $ 187 billion. In November 2020, Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates and became the second richest person in the world with a total $ 128 billion.


Musk able to increase his net worth up to $150 billion in the last 12 months, despite the economic downfall due to COVID-19 pandemic all over the world.

Musk’s rise is supported by an unprecedented rally in Tesla’s share price, which rose 743 per cent on consecutive gains in 2020 and joined the S&P 500 index. Tesla produced and distributed over half a million cars last year according to the company.

Recently Musk tweeted and inform that “He is proud of the Tesla team for achieving this major achievement.”


He further said, At the start od Tesla, I thought we had an only 10 per cent chance of surviving at all.”

 Musk is also a competitor in the private space race as the CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or as SpaceX and Bezos as owners of Blue Space LLC.

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But some online investor accounts criticized Tesla, saying it had received guidance from it. In early 2020 Tesla said it would exceed ‘comfortably 500,000 units’ for the year, a goal it has remained unchanged despite the epidemic. In October, Chief Financial Officer Zachary Kirkhorn said Tesla’s (2020) goal was to obtain original guidance.



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