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What Purpose Is Distomat Used? Explained For What Purpose Distomat Is Used?

What Purpose Is Distomat Used? Explained For What Purpose Distomat Is Used?

For What Purpose Distomat Is Used? In engineering, building, mapping, defence, and other industries, electronic surveying tools are used to measure the characteristics, orientation, and placement of huge objects. While construction surveying tools are used to mark the location and layout of new structures, land surveying equipment aids in mapping. Since surveyors formerly had to take their measurements with labour-intensive traditional equipment like chains, tapes, compasses, and dumpy levels, electronic surveying gadgets have made their jobs easier.

In this article we will cover one of the electronic distance measurement instrument called Distomat? There are many people who are curious to know about what is Distomat and for what purpose is Distomat used? Stay tuned with “Trendy Kendy“.

For What Purpose Is Distomat Used?


When measuring distances shorter than 500 metres, such as during the construction of buildings and other civil engineering projects, the Distomat DI 1000 is helpful. It is an electronic distance metre that measures the distance after being pointed at a reflector, a key being touched, and the measurement being read. It is made to fit on an electronic theodolite’s telescope. It falls under the category of an electronic distance metre (EDM) and is employed for convenient distance measurement.

What is Distomat instrument?

Distomat are devices that use amplitude-modulated infrared radiation to measure distances. Prisms positioned on the target at the end of the line are used to reflect the waves. These inexpensive, lightweight gadgets can be put on theodolites to measure angles. Such an instrument will have a 3 km range and an accuracy of 10 mm. E.g. DISTOMAT DI 5 and DI 1000

How Distomat Works?

The instrument in Distomat must face the reflector Distomat in order to pick up, track, and reflect the wave signal. After analysing five modulation frequencies of the infrared wave signal, the device will, with a single touch, display the distance on the screen. The total station, which displays angles, elevation, and distance, combines an electronic theodolite with an electronic distant measuring device. An accuracy of + or – 10mm per kilometre can also be attained with this device. The reflector is put up as a target at one place, while the instrument is set up at the opposite point.

Is Distomat a EDM?

Instruments like the geodimeter, tellurometer, distomat, and others can be used to measure electronic distance. Geodimeter was the first EDM device. The second EDM tool, known as a tellurometer, was created and developed in Africa in 1957. Modern EDMs that display distance digitally and several gains microcomputers that calculate horizontal and vertical distance, i.e. DX and DY, are available nowadays.


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