Islamabad Usman Mirza Leaked Video Viral Online for Assaulting a Couple on Hotel


Islamabad Usman Mirza Leaked Video: The video has been viral all over India where a man Usman Mirza assaulting a young couple. The whole incident happened in Islamabad where a man has been arrested. The video is hugely viral on social media and getting backlash for what the viewers watching on the video. Here is the full update about the Islamabad Usman Mirza.

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Islamabad Usman Mirza Full Leaked Video

There are many people in the video who are stopping Usman Mirza from beating the boy. Usman Mirza owns an auto showroom and a local dacoit. Now, he has been arrested for the video leaked online and harassing a couple inside a hotel in Islamabad.

People are searching for this video a lot on the internet. Also, the hashtag is trending on Twitter. However, this is not the first time the law has been violated. On May 27, he shared a video on his Facebook account in which he claimed that his cell phone may be temporarily switched off.

Who is Usman Mirza?

Usman Mirza is a property dealer also an owner of an auto showroom. As per the sources, he is also doing new and used car dealing.


In the video, a few of the people trying to stop him from threatening or beating the couple. However, it is not confirmed yet how the video got leaked online. But ultimately the couple gets justice as those three accused are not going to get out of the situation against them in every way and they are going to get justice. Sure.

A lot of people took to his official social media and gave their feedback about this video.

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