Jugraj Singh Viral Video Leaked: Jugraj Singh Jabbowal Full Leaked Video Viral on Internet


Jugraj Singh Viral Video Leaked: A name has gone widespread over the Internet in the last several days, and everyone are searching , who is Jugraj Singh Jabbowal is. Yes, Jugraj Singh, a Jabbowal resident, is a Granthi in the Kalerbala village Gurudwara. Everyone is curious as to who he is and why his name is trending on the Internet.

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Jugraj Singh Full Viral Video Leaked

The MMS leaked video of Jugraj Sing has been released online among netizens, and everyone is interested and eager to know about the truth behind this viral video. Since the video went popular on social media, police have been looking for the man who ran away (Jugraj Singh).


There are reports that Mattewal police have filed a case against Granthi (Priest) for blackmailing and raping a woman in her early twenties. Despite this, no arrests have been made in the case. Jugraj Singh, a resident of Jabbowal Village, has been named as the culprit.

On social media, a video of a girl and Jugraj Singh has gone viral, and the name has become a topic of conversation today. As of now the investigation is underway, and authorities are looking for the accused, who has been missing since the news broke. Below we have listed some additional information about the case.


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According to the reports, the woman told police that when she was using the bathroom in her home, Jugraj Singh entered and took images of her. Later, the accused began blackmailing her for having physical intercourse with him, threatening to broadcast the photographs on social media if she refused.

As a result, she kept quiet about it, and the accused began to approach her again, despite her best efforts to keep him at bay.

She claimed that when her family found out about it, she told them everything. A complaint has been filed under Sections 376, 295, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code, as well as Sections 67 and 67-A of the Information and Technology Act, according to her statement.

There are lot of people who already watched the video before it was removed from various social media platforms, and they believed the girl in the video was not being coerced. So far, nothing has been established as to what truly occurred.

According to Bhupinder Kaur, the investigating officer, the victim’s medical assessment has been completed, and raids are being conducted to apprehend the culprit. Jugraj Singh has been on the run since the video went viral on social media. The girl’s identify is still unknown.



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