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A very auspicious day, Kalashtami will be celebrated on 4th February 2021 this year. In this special event, devotees worship Lord Bhairav who is said to be a fearsome and wrathful manifestation of Lord Shiva. It is also known with the name of Kala Ashtami. The event comes 12 times in a year that comes to provide much prosperity to the devotees. In this article, we will talk about Paush Kalashtami 2021 date, timings, significance, quotes and a lot more.

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Magha Kalashtami 2021 Date & Timings

There are tota 12 Kalashtami in the whole year and this month it falls on Thursday, February 4, 2021. Magha, Krishna Ashtami starts at 12:07, Feb 04 and ends at 10:07, February 05.


On the day of Kalashtami, all the devotees get up early in the morning before sunrise and do the bath, resole and worship Lord Kalabhairava with Lord Shiva and Parvati. The devotees keeping a fast throughout the day.

After this, devotees viste the Lord Kaal Bhairav’s temple in the evening to pray and celebrate this event. Also, as per the tradition devotees feeds dogs, it is considered that by doing this, Lord Bhairav is impressed and fulfil all the prayers and wishes.

Here are the best wishes which you can wish on this auspicious day. Check out below.

  • “मां काली के पुत्र भगवान कालभैरव आपकी सभी मनोकामनाएं पूर्ण करे आप सभी को कालाष्टमी शुभकामनाएं”
  • “श्री भैरव भूतों के राजा, बाधा हरत करत शुभ काजा. कालाष्टमी की आपको शुभकामनाएं”
  • “देयं काल भैरव जब सोटा, नसै पाप मोटा से मोटा. जनकर निर्मल होय शरीरा, मिटै सकल संकट भव पीरा.”
  • “आप सभी दोस्तों को पावन पर्व कालाष्टमी की शुभकामनाएं.”
  • “श्री भैरव संकट हरण मंगल करण कृपाल, श्याम वरण विकराल वपु लोचन लाल विशाल”

It is believed that awakening in the night increases the virtue of fasting. Devotees expect that by focusing on Bhairav Ashtami, their sins will be taken away and they will be freed from the fear of death.

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