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How to Reduce Thigh Fat at Home: 6 Ways to Get Rid of Thigh Fat Permanently?

How to Reduce Thigh Fat at Home: 6 Ways to Get Rid of Thigh Fat Permanently?

Ways to Reduce Thigh Fat: Who doesn’t love toned legs, wearing jeans and trousers that highlight your leg muscles is very much today. Fat thighs and bulging thighs can hamper that desire of many, getting rid of thigh fat gives legs a highly toned and muscular feel. In this article we will look at the factors which contribute to accumulation of fat in the thigh area and what can be done to get rid of thigh fat, inner thigh, and side thigh fat.

Reduce Thigh Fat

Gone are the days when people would go to the gym and work only on their upper body.
Nowadays there are specific days for leg workout included in every gym going person’s routine.

Cardio, strength training and many more exercises are being advised to achieve those toned legs. The fat burning process happens together in all the body , you cannot control which area of the body fat is burning. What you can do is eat healthy, workout regularly and try some specific exercises which may help build up muscle in that specific part of the body.

Most of the fat available in legs and thighs is of subcutaneous category which is not that harmful to the body and can be shed a bit easier than when compared to visceral fat. Getting rid of thigh fat can be a huge pain in the a##. It requires a lot of hardwork and dedication. Here are some things which will help in getting rid of thigh fat.

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6 Ways to Reduce Thigh Fat at Home

1. Exercising daily, having a good workout routine will help you lose that extra fat really quickly and build up muscle too. Here are some exercises you can do which will help get rid of thigh fat from inner thigh as well as under thigh:-

  • Curtsy Lunge
  • Lunges with dumbbells
  • Burpees
  • Frog Jumps
  • Mountain Climber
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Side lying leg lift
  • Jumping jacks
  • Skaters
  • Sumo Goblet squats
  • Pile squats

Detailed videos of these exercises can be found easily on youtube and google,do watch
them before you start doing them. Doing it correctly is very important.

2. Reduce your salt intake, salt can make the body retain extra water which can result in
bloating. More salt you eat, the more water your body will retain which will lead to more bloating. You will witness a huge change in your mood, how you feel and how your
clothes fit once you start cutting down on salt intake.

3. Say no to carbs, as in any fat losing strategy cutting down on carbs is a must for getting
rid of thigh fat.

4. Add elements like calcium ,magnesium, potassium in your diet, they are known as
electrolytes. These electrolytes compete with salt, the more electrolytes you include in
your diet less salt will be retained in your body, which will help solve the problem of

5. Drink plenty of water, water helps improve the metabolism of the body.

6. Track your calorie intake. Losing fat is a joint effort of all your body parts and one thing
which can help you speed track that process is reducing your calorie intake, the less you
eat, the easier it will be to burn out those calories and get rid of the thigh fat.

7. Cardio is a must. Cardiovascular exercises are a must for shaping up your lower body
and achieving those toned legs.

8. Cutting down on drinks and smoking is of utmost importance if you want to lose fat and
become muscular.

9. Double down on fiber and protein. These are known as macronutrients which help
provide energy to the body during the day and also help keep the body fuller on fewer

10. Don’t do squats regularly instead try lunges one day and squats the other, this way you
target different muscles constantly and can get rid of the thigh fat really quickly.

11. Cycling and other aerobic exercises can be really helpful in getting rid of the thigh fat.

12. Limit the intake of saturated fats.

13. Include physical activities like walking, running in your daily life routine.

Note:- All the steps mentioned above will help you lose the thigh fat and will you get your legs toned. These exercises and other steps can also help get rid of fat from the inner thigh and will also be beneficial in getting rid of under thigh fat.


We all know that reduce thigh fat and getting your legs toned takes a lot of time and
patience. You don’t just wanna focus on losing the thigh fat and not on other body parts as it can make your legs look skinny and you don’t want that. Focus on taking it step by step and do not fall for the quick guides and hacks. Be persistent, have patience and you will eventually be able to get rid of that thigh fat. Good luck on your journey.


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