Who Was Sofia Cheung? Check Instagram Influencer Sofia Cheung Death Video at Hong Kong Waterfall

Sofia Cheung is a popular Instagram influencer who recently got died on the 10th of July after falling 16th feet off a cliff in Hong Kong.

Who Was Sofia Cheung

She is 32 years old who passionate to click photo while doing adventurous tours like hiking, exploring, fitness, and more. On 9th July, she posted one of the photos while sitting with a boogie board near beach waters.

A few days ago she went to the Tsing Dai stream waterfall with her friends and acquaintances. Reportedly, she died after losing her leg and fell into the deep water below.

After this, her friends called emergency services to rescue her. They took him to the Sofia Cheung to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. But, sadly they declared death.

Sofia Cheung Death Video at Hong Kong Waterfall

Sofia Cheung has eight thousand followers. She has posted a total of 97 posts on her Instagram handle through hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities. Several fans give him condolences through social media and comments on her post.

Mainly in his latest Instagram post, a lot of fans of Cheung’s content started commenting with heartfelt condolence messages. Around 700 users commented “rest in peace” on Sofia Cheung’s latest post.

However, neither Sofia Cheung’s family nor friends have come forwards till now to respond to her death.

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