Why Farmers Are Protesting This Questions Reforms That Boost Agricultural Efficiency

The farmers are protesting against 2 Farm Bills that the Rajya Sabha recently passed: (1) the Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020, and (2) the Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020.


Everyone wants to know why farmers are protesting That peasants’ movement is unique in many ways. One, it is coming up with 31 ideologically competitive organizations. Two, it has successfully completed the influence and intervention of the political parties reflected in the popular song, “Kithe kithe paye aa vande, kedi party de kede jhande, O vota paake khaave dande, O bholeya jatta samajh agende” (under the flag of different party Divided, you vote only to be beaten up; you all rise up to innocent people and understand their real agenda. ”Three, this movement transcends peasants, because there are stockmen, small shopkeepers, landless labourers and social and There is widespread involvement of cultural activists.

 Why Farmers Are Protesting


The support extended by families and women is striking. According to the conversations with the families of the agitators in the Malwa region of Punjab, women, in particular, were expressive. In a conversation with one
‘Land for a Punjabi is not only an economic asset but also a lifeline and status symbol. Many women instigated their men, “Go and fight; We will take care of home and land until you come back victorious.

Anger against the central government was clearly visible in the farmers, jobbers and their families. The extent of anti-centre sentiment revived the echoes of the Emergency period in the 1970s.

Even businessmen and staunch supporters of the BJP have expressed their anguish against the new agricultural laws. Many social activists, youth and big singers and artists have been actively involved in the current dynamics in the region. Many writers, artists, singers, superstars and others came forward and support farmers in protest.


Why Farmers are protesting

Punjab has been India’s food bowl since starting. It has largely demonstrated a vendor market. In all these years, Punjab has contributed the largest amount of food grains in the central pool. The farmers of Punjab see this as the result of an unlevel field. They state that farmers in Punjab are being asked to diversify their cropping patterns, while in other states like Madhya Pradesh and western Uttar Pradesh, grain production is encouraged. Why are farmers not being supported in these states to diversify into commercial crops, they ask.

According to numbers, Punjab and Haryana receive over Rs 80,000 crore in minimum support price (MSP) every year. Not even single folks have affected this. The livelihood of farmers and their families dependent on this, but also dependent on merchants, shopkeepers and other beneficiaries.

The farmers of Punjab feel that they are now being pushed from the sellers ‘market to the buyers’ market. And it will be left to the discretion of the central government to decide on the amount of procurement on the clearly announced MSP.

The central government argues that the purpose of these Acts is to empower the farmers and double their income. Farmers’ organizations are critical to these laws because they believe they will totally depend on the privatization of agriculture, reduce agriculture into a supporting activity, protective cover of government-led procurement, MSP, Agricultural Produce Market Committee and other protections Will make way for removal.

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