Yasmin Perez and Gyovanni Arzuaga Chicago Shooting Video Accident Viral on Internet, Check What Happened, Wiki


Yasmin Parez and Gyovanny Arzuaga recently died after a brazen weekend attack. The parents of two young children were shot by a gang on Saturday night at a Puerto Rican Day celebration in Humboldt Park. The whole incident happened due to a minor traffic accident in Chicago. After this, the CHicago shooting video of Yasmin Perez and Gyovanni Arzuaga going viral on social media.

Mother of 2 Yasmin Perez and Gyovanni Arzuaga Dies in Chicago Shooting Video

Arzuaga was 24 years old who died that night where Perez was 25 years old who Tuesday morning. Behind this couple, both have two young children. After their death, GoFundMe has been made to help their family.


One of the common friends of the couple’s Jae Pacheco talking about their love story. She said, “I thought it was so cute,” Pacheco told the Sun-Times. “They first met each other at a party and it ended there. They fell in love with each other and spent years together. They built a family together.”


“It was love at first sight,” she added.

The deadly attack video has been viral all over the internet and created national attention and emerged as another flashpoint during a particularly violent year in Chicago. On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot pledged to track down all of the members involved in the “horrific” shooting.

What happened to Yasmin Perez and Gyovanni Arzuaga?

According to the police, the couple was driving in the 3200 blocks of West Division when they had a minor accident and were ambushed. As per the video, a lot of people beat Perez and then shot her. Where her boyfriend, Arzuaga came for her help and was shot by a person who was captured on street camera.

Pacheco talking about Perez’s personality, where she said, she was a fun-loving friend who loved to dance and play video games. But most importantly, Pacheco said, Perez was a devoted companion to Arzuga and the mother of their two children, Sofiya and Jaden.

On Tuesday afternoon, police said no one had been arrested yet now.

A memorial was set up for Arzuaga on Sunday near the same place where the incident happened, and a GoFundMe page was created to cover the costs of his funeral and Perez’s medical bills. Yet now, the GoFundMe page has raised about $34,000.

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