Why Brooke Baldwin Leaving CNN, Check Out Full Details?


The CNN network has received a major setback this week as one of the popular show’s hosts who has been working with CNN for the last 13 years has revealed that they will leave as the show’s host in the last episode, which they hosted on the show. Here’s why Brooke Baldwin leaving CNN.

A big shock to the daily audience as she has already been a part of the show for the last 13 years. The announcement she revealed on April 16 when she announced that she was leaving the show and many people reacted to her leaving the show on Twitter and various other social media platforms, and Brooke tweeted on her official Twitter account what she plans for her future in her life.


Why Brooke Baldwin Leaving CNN?

The truth behind this decision is not revealed yet but as per her statement, She decided to make the decision as she is making this plan to go further in her career and after that, she has already announced the final episode in which she appeared and came out on 16 February. She took her social media handles and released a series of statement. This decision was difficult for her as she has handled the show just like her child as she has been hosting the show for the last 16 years and has been a part of something for over a decade and suddenly abandoning it pretty hard for me.

She also said in a statement that she wants to start a personal news channel because she highlights that she came as a freelancer for CNN. She also said that her goal of becoming a full-time reporter at CNN was because she made “Post-It” and paste it into the fridge. She revealed that she always dreamed of being the best in her profession because she wanted to represent the city of Atlanta, where she went on to say that even after achieving this dream she somehow managed to spend her 2 hours in primetime Made the show. In the show, which is the largest firm in the country and that too at the age of 31.

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In the end, she also thanked her all fans and all the supporters who love him and watching the show for the last many years, she appreciated all the support she had received for all these years and appreciated that when She was suffering from Covid-19, then she got huge support from all the fans around the world, which made her feel really cheerful and gave her the support to fight the virus as she allowed so many people to get out of the critical situation comfortably.


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