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How to fix the common WhatsApp problem that everyone facing sometimes

WhatsApp is is the most popular app with more than 5 Billion download on playstore that everyone use acros the world for the chatting, transfer photos and videos, international call and video calls or lot of other things.

But, there are lot of Whatsapp problems we face sometime in device which we don’t able to find it themselves and take the help from others to rectify it and pay heavy cost.

Check out the list below of How to fix common problems in WhatsApp that everyone facing sometimes in their WhatsApp account.

  1. Waiting SMSĀ 

People are messaging you on your WhatsApp but you haven’t received the message and WhatsApp shows ‘Waiting for this message. This may take a while. Learn More’.

The main cause of this problem is the sender person is not online. To solve this problem you have to ask him to open the data connection.

2. Don’t able to download whatsapp on android

Android smartphone phone running atleast more than Android 3.0 version to download Whatsapp on the mobile. Also, check or change the phone current settings to download the unknown sources.

Change the security setting. Go to setting option > Security > Unknown Sources to activate it.

3. Unable to see last seen on WhatsApp

If you can’t seen the last seen on WhatsApp it means you disable the last seen timing option on Wahtsapp. To change it go to settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

If it happen with one single Indiavidual it means the contact has blocked you and you are no longer to send a message or watch the last seen.

4. Whatsapp is not respondingĀ 

This is mainly happen when you update your mobile or install any other applications on the mobile. However, sometimes it is happen beacise there is a some problem with the server of whatsapp.

To solve this issue follow this steps below:

  • Update the latest version of WhatsApp from Playstore
  • Re-install i again in the device
  • Free up the data space on device

5. Video Calling Problem

Can’t able to do video Call Someone. It’s means ou haven’t give permission to whatsapp to connect a video call with someone else.

Go to the setting < Go to Whatapp < permission < allow microphone < allow camera.

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6. SMS Pending Problem

Message not getting properly to someone else. It shows the sign of pending or waiting. To rectify this problem.

  • First, back your whatspp data.
  • Go to the settings < Applications <Storage < Clear the whatsapp data.
  • Again, open your whatsapp account and login.

7. WhatsApp verification SMS problem

Whatsapp’s verification SMS is not able to received while login. And sometimes message received when the filling duration is end. To receive the message. Go to setting < Apps < WhatsApp < Permission < switch right microphone, phone and Sms option.


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