Asmongold defends CallMeCarson on grooming claims: ‘It’s not that bad


Asmongold defends CallMeCarson on grooming claims: As we all know CallMeCarson has faced major allegations of pedophilia and grooming of 17 years old who is in higher school. There are several popular creators who have spoken about this and came to support CallMeCardson. The world popular Warcraft streamer Asmonglod has come to support him and explained that What Carson did is totally fine.

By well known Minecraft YouTuber has put out the allegations on CallMeCarson for grooming her. One of the episodes, former Lunch Club members had revealed that CallMeCarson had exchanged the inappropriate images with 2 years younger than him 17 years old fangirl. They accused him to grooming her fans by took the advantage of his popularity.


Where several fans and critics continuously debating on several social media. Some of them come forward to support him and some of them continuously blaming. Where some of the former friends of Carson make a distance with him. Recently, Asmon has made his view clear.

He recently put out his “final verdict” against the accusations and the drama, Asongold says that he believes that what Carson did is not bad.

Asmongold defends CallMeCarson on grooming claims

He said, “I don’t think it’s bad.” “I think it’s not that big of a f ** king deal and it’s not the end of the world. There are a million other things that a million others do that are a thousand times worse than that.”


He further adds on the statement and said, I do not think at all that he is not a nice guy. I think he is a goofy person who is horny and talks to a girl. She was within two years of her age, I think that’s completely fine. “. Check out the official statement below.

“Maybe it’s a ‘down here in the south,” adding, Asmon clearly reveals that some people will disagree with him, but as he points out, that’s just what he thinks of the situation.

Yet Carson has not said in his defence on publicly about the allegations, having come out since the radio was silent on social media. However, we can expect him to come up with some kind of statement at some point in the near future.

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From all the incident Asmagold does not believe that is actually very bad. Comment down below what’s your point of view.



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