Bugs Bunny TikTok Challenge Goes Viral On TikTok? How to do the ‘Bugs Bunny’ trend


The latest Tickcock challenge to a Russian song called ‘Bug Bunny’ is going viral on social media. In Bugs Bunny, people challenge their feet on camera in white socks behind their ears, giving the illusion of having a bunny ear. Although, we would recommend that this challenge should only be tried by adults. Here are the full details about how to do Bugs Bunny Challenge on TikTok the popular Russian song.

How to do the Bugs Bunny Trend Challenge on TikTok?

The challenge is very simple and there is not much to do. In the challenge, people lay in his stomach and lifts both legs up so that their feet seems like a bunny looks. Then they have to move their feet as per the song to make it more original like a rabbit ear moving.


The song called “Bunny Bunny” is a remix of a song called ‘Gucci’ by Russian artists Timati and Egor Kreed, which was originally released in 2018. However, the version that trending on social media and TikTok is a slow-down version.

The Bugs Bunny Challenge hashtag has been viewed more than 11 million times on the app as people are trying the new trend, but several users mentioned the description that the challenge should only be done by those who are 18+ or above due to inappropriate content.

TikTokers who are participating in the viral trending challenge has succeeded in scoring thousands of views on their video, even millions of likes, within a few days of posting it, showing how popular the Bugs Bunny challenge is becoming.

People are creating more and more videos on this trend and listening to the catchy Bunny tube. Here you can listen to the viral song on TikTok. The song of TikTok is called “самый грязный заяц by GERDA & DARI.”

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