Corpse Husband Quitting YouTube Statement Clarifies After Fans Worried


Corpse Husband Quitting YouTube: The popular Music artist and Corpse Husband recent statement viral on several platforms after he clarified that he is not quitting his content creation career anytime soon.

Corpse Husband became a veritable Internet icon as per the last few months of 2020. The Star is popular for his incredibly deep voice and his joint airing with other creators, in which he usually plays games among us.


He able to gather a wide audience of 6 million subscribers due to a sudden rise in popularity in last few months, the sometimes elusive personality expressed that he may have to leave YouTube at some point in the future life, due to withdrawing his chronic ailments as a step.

Corpse Husband Quitting YouTube

He officially started on Twitter, “I don’t know about the whole streaming thing from my illness …” The star said that in the middle of the January 2 stream. “Sitting at my computer, only being able to play a few games … I don’t think I’ll be able to be physically able soon.”

His this short clip statement is quickly viral on social media and fans shoes their reaction by commenting on short clip. Also, Many fans worried the producers that their successful career would be suddenly halted due to circumstances beyond their control. Check out the video below at 1:13.


But yesterday on January 7 took the Twitter and stop the speculation about him to stop the creation of the video. He claiming that he has no plan at all to stop the creation of content in the near future at all.

He officially Corpse Husband Quitting YouTube said, “Lots of headlines about me “quitting YouTube”. In the clips they’re all using, I was talking about how I realistically see the longer term. I’m not imminently quitting anything”.

After the official statement, It looks like Corpse won’t be leaving YouTube anytime soon. But due to his chronic circumstances, he thinks that it is might not be a career which he can follow in his whole life, as like the other content who have been on the content creation platform for many years.

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Corpse met on social media to garner support from his fans in view of his latest statement on the subject. Even fellow content creators on their behalf have provided a glimpse of positivity on an otherwise disturbing topic for many viewers, with online love giving to everyone like Valkyrae, Bretman Rock, and Carl Jacobs.



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