Future of Artificial Intelligence That Will Destroy Humans


We did not even see how the robot surrounded us. Artificial intelligence hires us to work whether we have to give credit. It also reads our thoughts, reads our feelings, hears that fragrance deceives us and introduces us to the abilities of artificial intelligence that will help us handle the world.

The future of artificial intelligence:

1. Neural Network


Neural Networks has learned how to fake anything in 2018, with Nvidia’s developers introducing a deep fake that creates the faces of non-existent people and puts the code of the style Gan neural network into the public domain. Generic competitive networks quickly learn new tricks and can be taught to almost anyone and this is a new truth.

A world in which hundreds of thousands of people can create fake photo videos and news for information wars. In addition, there is a new open area for deep flakes thugs. Fake apartments at fake startups and rental sites are just the beginning.


Artificial intelligence has learned to analyze images from video camera radars and LIDAR allows viewing a neural network and improving itself. Developers of autonomous cars of an individual already claim that the management of neural networks Full control guarantees safety on the road. . Soon we will be banned from driving cars.

2. Driver Monitoring System

Meanwhile, the European Union has offered to equip all cars with the vision technologies of intelligent driver monitoring systems since mid-2022 that are capable of determining fatigue smoke and telephone conversations that are often considered to be the cause of accidents.

3. Voice Assistant

In addition, neural networks have learned to listen to us and here we are not only talking about voice assistants with whom you can already communicate almost like a person. For example, ‘Fire of open door open’ and we are going to do an open door. Artificial intelligence is for example capable of analyzing sound to detect shots and then informing the appropriate agencies. If we combine the ability to see and hear then we get ideal tracking technology which is based on face and voice recognition.

On the one hand, it makes it impossible to cancel the pass of protected areas to improve the security of individual areas and homes and on the other hand to track all the movements and conversations of a person.

4. Emotion reader

Now add this to the ability of neural networks to read our emotions to understand how we react to advertisements or when we lie in interviews. By the way, artificial intelligence is being used to hire people around the world. Algorithms test our skills to assess correctness and communication capabilities

Thanks for creating artificial intelligence and training robots is now very easy. You can assemble a robot from anything and the neural network will teach it to move. Thus the deep mind conducted an experiment in which three virtual robots of different shapes had to learn to walk without knowing how to do it. The algorithm only received functions from one point to another and sensors to help determine the robot’s position in space. After hundreds of hours of practice, all three figures learn to walk the run jump and walk on uneven surfaces.

Japanese researchers are teaching robots to fix themselves. Thus pr2 robots have learned to tighten their skills. By using this skill, the robot can supplement itself with the necessary accessories to help it perform its tasks more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence has already been widely applied in the financial sector, with the best experts in algorithms and machine-learning competition, individually and in teams. By the way, last week’s bitcoin has dropped by 20 per cent, which means that if you bet 100 on the bitcoin drop, by the end you would have earned around 150.

5. Read The Mind

The brain learns to read from artificial intelligence. The technologies of translating ideas into text will not surprise anyone. The neural network created by American scientists is capable of translating ideas into text at a speed of 66 words per minute. But researchers at the Neurotics and Neural Robotics Laboratory have learned that using brain activity analysis to recreate the images that a person sees. The neural network only tried to classify and reconstruct the video based on electroencephalogram data and 210 out of 234 attempts were successful.

The algorithm classified each video and proved it with tags like extreme sports of a waterfall or human face. Developers note that this may allow for creating brain-computer interfaces that work in real-time in the future.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence and medicine range from data processing to almost complex operations to aid and the potential interference with human DNA for example … Swiss company Sophia Genetics has created a collective artificial intelligence Sophia that generalizes genetic codes Can do. DNA and prediction as well as diagnose genetic diseases such as cancer. The next step for scientists may be an attempt to correct DNA and they do not shy away from genetic modelling of future children that have long been talked about by future physicians.

6. Taught to kill

For example, Artificial Intelligence is taught to kill, the US military is already developing a cannon with artificial intelligence that will independently select targets as well as tanks as well as artificial intelligence tanks and any Can detect and hit targets three times faster than others, and STM A Turkey’s national defence company already builds a robot with artificial intelligence called cargo that is combined with facial recognition capabilities The cargo can freely select and attack targets using coordinates pre-selected by the operator. It is reported that the cargo is intended to be used in Turkey. If everything goes wrong and in the end.

Artificial intelligence causes us to accidentally or deliberately destroy what it can do, so it is possible to entertain ourselves, for example, to see the face of a dog everywhere, which Google’s first neural One of network insulations or to write a copy of the music. Different musicians’ styles or it can transform children’s drawings from Nvidia as neural networks into realistic paintings that not only transform a simple sketch into a landscape but also know how to apply shadows and reflections.

Don’t you agree that artificial intelligence will subjugate our world and tell us in the comments what you think about us and stay updated with us?

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