Griffin Johnson Challenges Elon Musk to Meme War For Charity


Griffin Johnson has been out of the recent and controversial headlines. But this does not mean that he is not an interesting personality. He has been known to do fantastic things each time and he seems to be about to do it again.

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This time, Griffin Johnson challenges the world’s richest person Elon Musk for a meme war to a charity. Elon has been removing memes from left, right and centre in recent weeks, and the Internet cannot get enough of it.

It is oddish to see an action of world richest person itself and it is quite surprising and online community can’t remove the eye on this. To take this opportunity Griffin challenges Elon Musk to a mem war.

Griffin challenged Elon through his Twitter account to raising money for Barstool. Those who don’t know about Barstool, it is a charity which was established in 2020 to provide helps small business owner who struggling out due to the financial impact because of the Coronavirus pandemic situation.


Griffin Johnson Challenges Elon Musk

Recently he took his Twitter and tweet, “How about this, @elonmusk. I challenge you to a meme war for charity. I win, you donate to @barstoolsports fund. You win, I buy a @Tesla and wrap it with a big picture of you on @joerogan. All for a good cause. You in?”

 However, Elon has not replied to the tweet yet. It will be interesting to watch will Elon Musk accept the Griffin Challenge or not.

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Also, since it’s about memes, it’s up to his street. Therefore, if that happens then he will always get a chance. The online community would love to see. As we all know, Memes are a universal language, in several ways, and they would do well to be used for good reason.




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